FREE Homeschooling Curriculum with Easy Peasy

Anytime I hear that magical four letter word *FREE* and homeschooling curriculum in the same sentence, it immediately intrigues me. With three kids who have vastly different educational needs, I’m always on the lookout for free curriculum that is still high quality and comprehensive. After hearing that Easy Peasy Homeschool is both free and all-inclusive, I knew I had to look into it.


Free Christmas Printables for Homeschoolers

Here is a set of free Christmas printables for you! Think: Santa Claus, Baby Jesus in the Manger, Reindeer, Snowman, Snow, Angels, Wise Men, you get the idea – all the printables you could want this Holiday season!  (more…)

Free and Affordable Alternatives to K12 and Connections Academy (or other public-school-at-home programs)

In our state, K12 and Connections Academy are two options for school at home, and they are free (they’re not free in some states).  There’s nothing wrong with K12, Connections Academy, or other public school online programs in which your child can learn in the comfort of home or on the go. They are often free or very affordable and include everything your child needs to learn at home. However, they are not technically “homeschool” programs, in that the curriculum provided is government-dictated and does not allow flexibility in scheduling or parent-led teaching, which many homeschooling families wish to avoid. Here are some alternatives to the online public school programs that are also free (or in some of the cases below, affordable). (more…)

Free Homeschooling

If you are considering homeschooling, but have absolutely no budget for it, then this post should be an encouragement to you. You CAN homeschool for FREE!

You may ask,

What is Free Homeschooling? How can I homeschool for FREE?


FREE State Homeschool ID’s for Back to Homeschool

I was inspired to create these printable homeschool ID cards for each state earlier last month, and it was quite a big task! I noticed that homeschool moms are always looking for cards they can print out and laminate and show to stores and businesses in order to get a teacher discount. There are a few free ones out there, but these are different – unlike the others that are out already – they are “generic.” They DON’T have a curriculum company or brand name attached to them. So you can use them with any co-op, membership, school name, or affiliation you may have! Now isn’t that nifty?