6 “Toys for Girls” that Boys Can Benefit from Too

Now that my little boy is growing up, I've been needing to buy him some "big boy" toys. We're consigning the baby stuff, and...
Easy Peasy Review of Free Homeschool Curriculum Online

FREE Homeschooling Curriculum with Easy Peasy

Anytime I hear that magical four letter word *FREE* and homeschooling curriculum in the same sentence, it immediately intrigues...
how to help your dyslexic child learn without doing the work for her s

Homeschooling a Child with Dyslexia: How to Scaffold Your Child

A couple of years ago, we found out that our oldest homeschooled child has dyslexia. Scaffolding her has helped keep homeschool...
Free Winter Coloring and Activity Book - learn colors and cut and paste s

FREE Winter Coloring and Activity Book

When my children were learning their colors, one of the best activities I gave them was a simple coloring book and crayons....
Unit study resources printables infographic for Christmas Around the World

How Christmas is Celebrated Around the World

Ever been curious about how Christmas is celebrated around the world? It's interesting to learn about how other cultures...

Online Unit Studies

When it comes to homeschool curriculum during the Christmas holiday, I love using online resources, especially unit studies. Not...

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The Latest on Homeschool for Free by The Frugal Homeschooling Mom 4

The Latest Free Homeschool Encouragement for Moms on a Budget by The Frugal Homeschooling Mom 4

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