My ten year-old and my 5 year-old love Minecraft. So, I know they will absolutely love giving these Free printable Minecraft Valentines to their friends this Valentine’s Day!

I don’t truly understand why the big deal about Minecraft, but my kids sure do. Why do kids like Minecraft so much? I honestly don’t know. I’ve heard other parents talk about how it’s educational and encourages creativity and increases problem-solving skills. That’s all great. The fact is, Minecraft motivates my children to do their chores, or complete their schoolwork, and I think that’s such a simplifying thing in my life! Anyways, I am leaving these free printable Minecraft valentines here for you to download, since it’s such a big hit for my own kids, maybe you’ll like them too!

Just scroll on down for the download! In the meantime, be sure to Pin it! That way you won’t forget where you saw them!

Free homeschool printable Minecraft Valentines The Frugal Homeschooling Mom TFHSM



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