Best Homemade Poison Ivy Remedy

It is very random, but we sometimes find poison ivy in our bushes in front of our house. I always kill the pesky plant, but it comes back about every other year or so. I like to keep the ingredients to make this poison ivy paste recipe on hand just in case!

See the recipe below!


frugal diy poison ivy remedy paste recipe using essential oils

Bonus: Free downloadable poison ivy paste jar labels! Keep scrolling.

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The information contained in this post is for you to consider and use your judgment as to whether you’ll make and use this. I am definitely not a doctor or professional/expert, so please be wise and use at your own discretion. This post has amazingly gone viral. I am not liable for any allergies, misuse, or whatever LOL. I’m just a homeschool mom, blogger, and oils/natural remedy lover, and found this to be super helpful for my family, so I wanted to share it! Enjoy!

Poison Ivy Paste

* This will keep covered in a jar for about 2-3 weeks in the fridge.

homemade poison ivy remedy paste recipe using essential oils


In a small bowl add clay and apple cider vinegar, it will fizz just let stand until mixture is stable.

poison ivy home remedy

Add Peppermint Lavender and colloidal silver to the clay mix and slowly stir until fully combined.

peppermint colloidal silver poison ivy paste recipe

You can use this mix just as it is this way however for more of a creamy consistency, organic Aloe Vera cream can be added to further calm the infection.

Poison Ivy Paste diy essential oil recipe


Why this works: The Clay mixture pulls the poison ivy oils from the pores thereby drying up the infection very quickly. Adding the apple cider vinegar and colloidal silver prevents infection. The Peppermint oil acts as a pain reliever and the lavender calms and soothes the skin thereby relieving the itch.

Finally, Download labels for your jars, and make them pretty!

free printable Poison Ivy Paste Jar or Bottle Labels
{Click the image for a large image size to print}


10 thoughts on “Best Homemade Poison Ivy Remedy

  1. Do you feel like this heals and shortens the rash time compared to other options like baking soda and calamine? Or is it a more natural way where you know the ingridients?

  2. The link in your recipe takes me to aloe Vera gel. What is aloe Vera cream? I made this without using it and my husband swears it’s the best remedy for poison ivy he’s ever found. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Hi, Sarah! I edited the post – the text originally said “Aloe Vera Cream” when the link actually leads to the right product – “Aloe Vera Liquid.” I just wanted to make sure that no one tried to use Aloe Vera “GEL” because you want to use as pure of a product as possible. The Aloe Vera Liquid linked to within this post is truly the best. It’s runny and mixes well and has very little “other” ingredients besides the real aloe itself. 🙂

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