Thank you for your interest in my “FREE” created printables!

They are and always will be provided to you completely FREE of charge (besides the fact that for many of them, you must be a subscriber to receive them).

Please share them, but DO respect copyright!  Here’s what you may and may not do with my freebies.


You May:

  • Use them for personal use.  That is, you may print as many copies as you need, for your own immediate family, or your own classroom/homeschool co-op setting.
  • Share the printables with others by linking to them, and sharing any of the publicly released image previews available (you do not need to ask for prior permission).
  • Direct people to when sharing with others.  If you blog about these printables, please give proper credit to The Frugal Homeschooling Mom at

You May Not:

  • Claim these as your own property or sell/redistribute them.
  • Link directly to the PDF file (in other words, if the link you share ends in “.pdf” – that’s a no-no)
  • Store them on your own website in any format.
  • Sell printed versions to others.


All printables and images are the property of Deana Hipwell, The Frugal Homeschooling Mom.

These policies may change at any time.

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To learn more about Fair Use for Homeschoolers – take a look at these articles.

Thank you for downloading!

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