Ideas for Twos – What will I do with Lily this year?

This page will be my ongoing collection of fun stuff I find to do with Lily (my 2 year-old) and the other 2 year-old I homeschool-preschool.  I’ll add to it as I find things and use them.

Looking for what we did last year?  Here’s my favorite activities for 1 year-olds!  (I haven’t checked the links lately, I hope they still work!  I’ll try to go back and check on that soon.)

(I don’t list much, only what we actually use… I just have this thing about having excess, even if it’s in download form, it’s just too much and wastes valuable printer ink, just mho… I purposefully don’t post a lot of printables on this blog, in individual posts, because I just think it’s overwhelming.  I pick and choose what I like, and then share it with y’all in places like this.  If you ARE in the market for a constant barrage of printables, you can follow my Facebook page, where I post them more often, but still not as much as other blogs out there.  If you believe in “less is more,” great, follow me by email!)

Letters (one per week)

Numbers (one per week)

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Basic Concepts/Vocabulary Building

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More to come!

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