I have recently published a
series on how to plan a homeschool year for multiple children. Posts
in this series included:

Now I’m going to share with you the
planner I’ve chosen to use this year in my own homeschool. I was
given a free copy of Plan It! from Alecia at Learningto Walk in exchange for this review. The opinions expressed
below are true and honest, even though the product was free for me to
use. Please see my disclosure policy for more information about how
I accept free products in exchange for reviews.
My chosen planner for the year is thePlan It! editable weekly homeschool planner by Learning to Walk.
You can purchase the planner for a very reasonable price, only $5,
and use it year after year, making it even more affordable. But even
if you use it for just one year, it’s worth the price. Keep reading
for a discount code too, included at the bottom of this review!
How Plan It! is useful to me as
I’m planning my homeschool:
I love the area at the top of the plan
that lets you specify a “Book of the Week” – I deleted that space
and put “Memory Verse,” because I plan to have a weekly family
Bible verse to memorize this year. We will begin our homeschool day
discussing the verse and related Bible story (if applicable), and
praying specifically about life events or loved ones concerning that
verse at breakfast time. Since the spot is located at the top of the
page, it offers a great introduction to our homeschool day, and a
perfect beginning to our routine.
Upon entering my own subjects into the
left side of the plan, I realized how great this plan will be for
teaching my multiple kids (3 of my own, and 2 from one other family,
which is legal in the state of NC). I added a line at the top of
each subject row, which explained the topic to be taught for that
subject, and then in the lines below it, I was able to add
individualized descriptions for how I would teach that subject with
each child’s ability level.
There are nifty little check-boxes on
the planner. I deleted them, since there was only one box per
subject, and I have 4 kids to “check off,” and each child will be
learning each subject at different times of the day here during some
subjects. I prefer to print the planner out anyway, and use colored
highlighters as we complete each task. I could have added
check-boxes (per the instructions included in the file), I just
didn’t want to take the time to do that, and like I said, I like
highlighting (and Laynie does too – she feels satisfaction in
marking off what we’ve completed as it’s done).
I love the fact that I can print this
plan out on one sheet, and place it into a notebook to keep track of
our weekly progress, as well as using it to plan. When it prints,
it’s nice and neat, clean, and so pretty! It makes my record-keeping
notebook streamlined and ready in case anyone ever cares to look at
it (just in case we are ever chosen to be inspected – which is a
possibility here in NC. Although we’re not required to keep our
lesson plans in this state, I do anyway, and would gladly share it
with anyone from the county who came to check in on us).
Critique of the Plan:
I would love it if the author made a
matching blank
pacing guide like mine
(I’m sure she could do it much prettier!).
A yearly calendar that matches would be cool, too, where I could
type in my school days, and check off attendance. My dream, though,
would be a matching daily plan, where larger cells were
included and type-written words would automatically re-size and wrap.
For my purposes, this simple plan works
beautifully. I love the flexibility to adjust anything I want to
with it, and the ability to plan out my week with multiple kiddos.
Since I am very familiar with Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc, I
was easily able to adapt this plan for use in my homeschool, and look
forward to using it all year.
If you would like to purchase the
planner, use discount code REVIEW1 and you can get it for $3.50
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