Where to Go to Find Free Books for Any Grade Level for Summer Reading

Got an avid reader?  Check out these selected places for free reading material for your homeschooler to read over the summer.

BookBub  – Through Bookbub you get email notifications of free eBooks for your Kindle, or other devices, based on your preferences you select when you sign up.
CK-12 Foundation – Nonfiction textbook-style ebooks for Math, Science, and More.  Perfect for the smartypants who is into nonfiction.

Project Gutenberg – Free ebooks online, includes classics, random old, old, old books, and all kinds of interesting finds here.

Open Library – An online public library of sorts.  It’s awesome.

Free and Cheap Kindle Books announced at FreeHomeschoolDeals.com and at FrugalHomeschoolFamily.com!  Also, check out Moms by Heart’s Amazon deals – which often includes children’s books.

LibriVox – free audiobooks

Just Free Books – search portal to find all sorts of free books online in various formats


Answers in Genesis for Kids – Creation Science articles for kids

Storyline Online – books read aloud by Screen Actors Guild members

Highlights Kids – the magazine, online


Children’s Books Online – From pre-reader to adult

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