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I do so many little things on a day to day basis, to try to save every little penny that I can, or to earn any little penny that I can. I have to, or else we run out of money by month’s end. Some people don’t have to, but they’d like to be able to give more to needy people (this is what we plan to do when we’re finally financially free). But until then, here’s one simple way that I save money, and you can do it too!
Pay Your Bills Online (I know, DUH, right?)
Why pay for postage? Send your bill payments online for free. It just makes more sense, and I’ll explain why… 
The US Postal Service just recently announced a 3-cent rise in the cost of stamps.  So now, stamps will cost 49 cents each.
If you’re like me, and you have about 40 bills per month, then you could be spending tons of money just on postage.  You may not realize just how much money it is!
40 bills per month x $.49 = $19.60 per month
That equals $235.20 per year!  Whoa.
We have tons of medical bills on top of normal stuff like the water or electricity bills, mortgage, etc.  Almost every company offers online bill payment options nowadays.  I use that option, but I also use my online Billpay program through my bank, which writes the checks for me and sends them off automatically every month.  It’s fast and easy.  Not only does the bank pay the postage for me, the added bonus is that I never forget to pay things!
Not to mention the fact that paper checks cost money too…
If you don’t do this already, I’d highly recommend it!

This series of posts was originally published in 2010, and I am just recently editing and updating them, just for the fun of it.

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  1. Just one thing I wanted to mention that we do, and I realize everyone can't do this, but we have to or we can't survive month to month. When we get our tax refund we pay a lot of our bills ahead for the year. Phone, cell phone, electric, Direct TV, water, garbage fee. My husband is very good at getting some of the companies to work with us. He asks if we pay it for the year what kind of deal can you give me and last year, for example, Direct TV gave us a credit for DVR service and this year they also included a $10 credit. Whether the company will give you a deal or not, it is still nice to have those bills out of the way.

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