I don’t have a plan!  Well, not a pre-written one anyway.  I’ve got special time-slots for “Mommy-Lily Time” in our weekly schedule.  I’ll pick and choose from this list when the time comes for our special learning time together.  That’s my “plan.”  Flexible and easy!

Lily is only 1.  She will turn 2 on October 22nd.  So I’m not too worried with providing too much structured time for her right now, other than our normal daily routine.  I simply want to find the time to spend with her one-on-one this year, since so much time will be devoted to her big sister’s 2nd grade learning (Laynie is still not at an independent stage with most of her work yet).

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So… I plan to do small, fun activities with her, at least twice per week, that engage and stimulate her, and encourage early learning.  She’ll also be introduced to the alphabet in our once-a-week co-op, with other toddlers and preschoolers around her age.  So that’s three “planned” or “structured” learning activities each week.  And that’s probably more than enough!
As I find things I like from my favorite 20-30 blogs I read and visit each day, and as I try them at home, I’ll post them here!  Pin or bookmark this page and keep up with what we’ll be doing throughout the year!  Nothing “fru-fru” here, only things that I truly think are valuable and worth the time, effort, possible expense (and mess).

Hopefully, if I stay on track, by the end of the year, I’ll have a nice little collection of toddler ideas that a year or two from now I can revisit with Liam (the rapidly growing, sweet little wiggly roundness in my belly right now!).

Day 1: Alphabet Activities
  • Cookie cutter alphabets with play-doh!  (we’ll do this a lot – with our letter of the week, to go along with the letter she’s currently learning in our co-op)
  • Dr. Seuss’ ABC book, and this cool sensory activity with Epsom salts
  • play with sticky-note alphabets (you know, those sticky notes that are in the shape of letters)
  • play with alphabet magnets or our Leapfrog fridge phonics and alphabet sets
  • draw letters on the white board easel with dry-erase crayons
  • Handy ABC Coloring pages from 3 Dinosaurs
  • Lego Duplo Alphabet Cards from Wildflower Ramblings
  • Some of the really cool ABC/Phonics activities at Ucreate with Kids
Day 2: Number (or early Math skills) Activities
Day 3: Hands-On Fun (early Art, Science, Social Studies, Music, Dramatic Play, Sensory Play, etc…)