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My planning and scheduling sheets for use with A Beka K4 curriculum have been very popular over the years, so I decided to update them for you.  The following is my post from 2010, but includes the download for the new (and includes the old) versions of my files.  I hope you enjoy them!

A Beka Lesson Planning Sheets Schedule and Planner

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I’ve begun planning this year’s curriculum, and I’ve already finished getting the first 6 weeks of school planned.  I’m off to a good start!  We’ll begin K4 this year with Laynie, and I’ve chosen to use A Beka primarily – Reading/Writing/Phonics, Math, and Bible, with a few other things thrown in here and there.  I thought I’d share my general planning sheets with you guys, in case you’d like to copy them and use them for yourself.  Of course, I made these with A Beka curriculum in mind, but you may find them useful for your own choice of curriculum.


I’ve left plenty of space under each subject for jotting down ideas, related activities, and anything else I decide to write there.  I’ve created a notebook in which I keep these, and I’ve dated them in order.  I keep the back sides of each sheet blank for jotting down more ideas.


So, here’s what I’m using for daily lesson planning.  We’re following a four-day schedule, with Day 5 being left open for catch-up, assessments, field trips, or just my “cleaning day.”  A Beka begins “seatwork” at Lesson 83, so there are two sets of planning sheets.


A Beka Lesson Planning Sheets Schedule and Planner p

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7 thoughts on “My Daily Lesson Plan Outline – A Beka

  1. I so wish this was for 1st grade. We are starting our first year homeschooling and got all the Abeka books given to us except lesson plans and I’m getting nervous/overwhelmed trying to do it alone. I may just have to buy their lesson plan books. Anyone have any tips or links to a printable lesson plan guide?

  2. Is this enough school time spent each day for second grade? I'm new to this and I'm lost. We purchased all th books from her former school. It's A Beka as well.

    1. Shannon R – Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I haven't been keeping up with my blogging this year since I had my baby. I hope to get back into it one day… Anyway, to answer your question… I've always heard and followed the idea that spending about 30 minutes a day per grade level is a good "rule of thumb." So, K4 would take about 30 minutes, Kindergarten about 1 hour, first grade 1.5, second grade 2 hours… etc. We're now in first grade ourselves and spend about 2.5 hours a day, so I've already broken that rule, but I think it's different for every family. Some children require longer periods of time, others can get things done more quickly.

  3. Thanks for typing this up and posting it online. I really like the schedule and plan to use it with my preschool aged children.

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