Here is what I’m planning to do this year with Laynie – just a general overview.  I typed this up so that I could stay focused while planning.  A copy of this Daily Lesson Plan Outline for A Beka K4 in PDF format can be downloaded for FREE here.  It’s based on using the A Beka K4 curriculum, I’m listing it here, just so you guys can see what I plan to do.  You may find it useful in planning your own child’s K4 curriculum.

Read more about this year’s curriculum plans here, and download my actual lesson planning blank forms for A Beka K4 here

Daily Lesson Plans

(Total “School Time” daily: 1 hour)

Daily (4 days per week)

        Morning Calendar (5 min)

Phonics & Reading (20 min)

        Writing (10 min)

        Math (15 min)

Once Per Week (alternating days)

        Music (15 min)

        Bible (15 min)

        Activity Time (15 min)

        Science/Social Studies (15 min)

        Seatwork (after lesson 83)

Occasionally (on day 5)



36 Weeks; 170 lessons