Reason #20: I’ll be WeirdOk, that’s weird – – – for me to say proudly: “I’ll be weird.”I’ll admit, when I first began considering homeschool for my child, I was worried about what my friends and family would think – had I gone off the deep end, finally? LOL. If you don’t know me very well, I’ll explain a little bit here. I’ve always been a little eccentric and, well, just odd, and I’m usually very shy and always worried about what people think of me. I’ve always wanted to just fit in. So, for me to be proud of the fact that I’m different, or that I do things a little strangely compared to the way most people do, it’s kinda surprising. And, the fact that I blog publicly about it is even more surprising. I’m usually a very private person, LOL.So, by announcing that we’d be homeschooling, I was worried that I’d simply isolate myself and my daughter at home. I was afraid I wouldn’t have much in common with my friends and family anymore. To my delight, most of my friends and family embrace and support our decision, and even step forward to ask how they can help! Some of them are even considering homeschooling as well, and now are asking me for advice and support.I have also been blessed to begin new friendships with a group of diverse yet like-minded moms (and dads). These new friendships have been such a blessing to me as I look into what all it takes to homeschool. They are often whole-family friendships, too – which is always such a joy to have. And I feel like these friendships will continue for a long time. Laynie has numerous new friendships in the making, and the opportunity for even more as we begin to participate in our local homeschooling groups’ field trips and learning activities. And, she will continue the friendships she already has, as she grows up, with her friends at church, in dance class, and my long-time-friends’ children (most of whom will be attending public school).So, even though we may seem weird to some people who are ignorant about homeschooling, we still have so many people who support us and love what we’re doing. So, ha – I can truthfully say that I don’t care what the “normal” people may think! And it feels good. (I may have finally gotten over my life-long people-pleasing complex). I’m perfectly fine with my weirdness, LOL!