Reason #14: I Can, and I Want to!

I am the type person that absolutely LOVES being a stay-at-home mom. I find joy in being with my child, and making out house a loving home for her and my husband.Teaching and learning is also something I’m passionate about. I’m always trying to learn new things myself, and I enjoy sharing that with my daughter. Of course, I figure I might as well get some good use out of the Master of Education degree that I have, so if I’m staying at home, then why not educate my own? I truly enjoy teaching Laynie, and making life-long learning something for which she’ll hopefully appreciate.We don’t truly have the ability to live on one income with the luxuries we afforded on two. It’s tough, but my husband and I both agree that even though our finances are tight, this is what we both believe is the best thing for our family. Being out of debt (in another couple of years – thanks to Dave Ramsey) will make it a little easier, but we’ll still have to watch how we spend our money.Some people are surprised to find out that homeschooling is even legal. But in fact, it is legal, in all 50 states. To find out more information about homeschool legislation, a great place to start is the Home School Legal Defense Association.