Reason #6: I Know.

I know what really goes on in public schools and preschools, and I just don’t like it, to put it plainly.I worked in public schools as a Master’s level classroom teacher for five years. Four of those five years I worked in “Schools of Excellence” (schools that had over 98% achievement on the End-of-Grade exams). I’ve worked off and on in preschools from the time I was in college, in the positions of both assistant teacher and lead teacher. Each preschool ranking ranged from 4 stars to 5 stars, which means high conformity to state standards of excellence.I’m not satisfied with the agendas of some of the teachers I’ve worked with: I’ve known teachers who would blatantly push their social, religious, or political agendas on the children they were entrusted to teach, and would negate or diminish the value of their students’ differing views or beliefs. I just wouldn’t feel good about sending my child(ren) to public school with the chance they’d be enrolled in one of those teachers’ classes, allowing them to be bombarded all day with ideas that are contrary to our family’s beliefs.I’m not satisfied with the character of some of the teachers I’ve worked with: In all but one of the schools and preschools I’ve ever worked in, I was often appalled by teachers who would easily get away with sly neglect or verbal abuse. I personally witnessed three cases of physical abuse as well, in two of the preschools I worked in. It’s really scary but it does happen, and it gets covered up, more often than you think.I should say, though, that I do know many wonderful teachers. I’ve worked with some, I’m friends with some, and I’ve even got some in my own family. I’m certainly not slamming the good ones, because I do know that they’re out there, and I think they need a raise!!! But that’s for another soapbox…I’m not satisfied with the ineffective leadership of some (not all) of the principals I’ve worked under: The fact is, they’ve got too much on their plate, they aren’t paid well either, and they have a lot of stress to deal with from their own superiors, whether it’s the money-focused owner of the childcare, or it’s the superintendent of public instruction, budgets, or laws and paperwork they’re required to complete. They’re set up for letting children be “left behind” because they’ve got too much to worry about instead of truly focusing on the children.I’m not satisfied with the politics of public education and preschool education: There’s too much relying on the paperwork required to “follow the rules.” I’ve found that the paperwork is what counts – if it’s well written, or if the “results” look good, people think that it’s really being done just as it’s written and therefore it’s great because it sounds great. No one has time or even bothers to check to see the how the real children are faring who are affected by it.Finally, I’m not ashamed to just go ahead and say that I’m not satisfied with the character of half of the children that are enrolled, or their parents either: Too many times I’ve seen the bullies, the children who cuss at their peers and their teachers, the spoiled brats, the kids who prick their friends in the back with sharpened pencils, and the ones who throw furniture when they’re angry… Too many times I’ve seen the parents who make excuses for their children, the ones who are scared of their own children, the ones who think their child can do no wrong, and the ones who brag about teaching their children to cuss or bully others. If I did send my child(ren) to public school, I would obviously be considered that “crazy nitpicking parent” that drove the staff bonkers all year long! Well, I guess it’s better for their sakes as well as my children’s sakes that I wouldn’t enroll them, LOL. I can’t say what private schools are like, because I have no personal experience there.To sum up my attitude on public education, I’ll refer to a quote I’ve seen on numerous homeschool bloggers’ sites: “Hillary Clinton says it takes a village to raise a child. I’ve seen the village; and I don’t want it raising my child.” (~Unknown)