Nature Studies, Nature Walks, and Nature Notebooks (ABC’s of Why We Homeschool, Letter N)

Donna homeschools because she believes in no busywork, worksheets, or workbooks.

Homeschooling N is for Nature Studies

by Donna Goff

ABCs of Why We Homeschool I N is for Nature Studies Walks NotebooksI homeschool because we can choose the— “No Busywork, Worksheets or Workbooks” approach to learning. We can choose to learn in more natural ways that are developmentally appropriate for my children. This makes learning enjoyable and helps children connect better with what they are learning. I learned a long time ago that busywork, worksheets, and workbooks are poor substitutes for a quality living education. They certainly do not fill in holes and do not really provide valuable information about what a child has learned or can apply. Our homeschool uses original sources, great literature, and living, hands-on learning. One of our favorite things to do is to take long Nature Walks and to do Nature Studies. I would rather see the real world than just read about it! This is hands-on, Living Science. Our world literally is our school!

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This post is part of my ABC’s of Why We Homeschool series!  Next week, letter O!

ABCs of Why We Homeschool TFHSM

Cats and Dogs Notebooking Pages

These cats and dogs notebooking pages are great for a unit study on these furry pets, or can be used for any purpose.  There are blank pages as well as pages with Bible verses encouraging good character.  Use them for copywork or for taking sermon notes too!


Cats and Dogs Notebooking Pages copyright TFHSM p

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Life and Learning (ABC’s of Why We Homeschool: L)

by Caitlyn Stock of

I homeschool my children so I can offer them LIFE and LEARNING experiences. As a child in the public school system, I remember a lot of monotony and redundancy as we did the same thing day after day after day. It didn’t really feel like living so much as going through the motions. It didn’t really feel like learning so much as memorizing and mimicking.

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