Free Homeschooling

Can I Homeschool for Free - The Frugal Homeschooling Mom says YES

If you are considering homeschooling, but have absolutely no budget for it, then this post should be an encouragement to you. You CAN homeschool for FREE!

You may ask,

What is Free Homeschooling? How can I homeschool for FREE?

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Kindergarten Reading Skills Your Homeschooled Child Needs to Know

What your child needs to know before 1st Grade

Homeschool Kindergarten is an important year for your child. During this school year, your child will learn so much about math, reading, and writing. You will notice as the year goes on that your kindergartener’s reading skills will grow very quickly.

Although we work at our own pace as homeschoolers, you should still keep in mind that there are certain things that your child is likely to learn before 1st grade.  It’s important that you help your child learn the top reading skills of kindergarten. Here are a few that your child will definitely need to know before you move on to homeschool 1st grade.

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FREE 2017-2018 Back to Homeschool Printable Photo Prop Signs

Every year, I like to take a picture of my homeschooled kids on the first day back to school. This year, I made these colorful printable props, and I’m sharing them with you!

FREE 2017-2018 Back-to-School/Back-to-Homeschool Printable Signs

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