FREE (limited time) Fact Sheet about Easter – with a Christian Worldview

Easter, if you look around you, is all about the Easter Bunny, candy, and baskets filled with surprises, right? Well, not at my house. Yes, the Easter bunny does visit my house briefly to leave some eggs in the yard, but we also spend the week leading up to Easter talking about Jesus Christ and his resurrection, and our salvation story. If you do too, then here’s a FREE printable that will help you focus on the true meaning of Easter with your kids, with only minor mention of the Easter bunny, I promise.

I have been working on a printable holiday fact sheet series I have going on over at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. As I come out with new ones each month, I’m offering them FREE for a limited time. Here’s my Easter homeschool copywork printable! I hope you enjoy it.

This fact sheet will serve as an easy and quick reference sheet for homeschool families to introduce the basic facts about the various U.S. Holidays. Use them for copywork or notebooking or to introduce prior knowledge about the Easter holiday before a project or lesson. Soon, they’ll all be in one huge download for you, too! Follow my store for the announcement – yes I’ll start it out as a FREEBIE, as always.

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